About Us

Hack Club is a worldwide network of coding clubs.

We’re Hack Club, a global nonprofit network of high school coding clubs (now in 2% of US high schools). Hack Camp has been a part of Hack Club since the beginning. It’s a great way for us to try out the best ideas from our community, develop curriculum, and stay sharp as teachers. We also just love doing it!

Fernanda Lozano

Fernanda Lozano


Fernanda is a student of computational neuroscience, entrepreneur, and organizer with years of experience running events and programs like the Entrepreneurial Learning Academy for students in Mexico. This summer, she’ll run Hack Camp’s logistics and be your primary contact.

Mingjie Jiang

Mingjie Jiang


Mingjie is a student organizer who has spread his passion for technology to thousands of other students through events like Hack Chicago, CodeDay, and his own Hack Club. This summer he’s working with club leaders around the world to build the ultimate curriculum.

Chris Walker

Chris Walker


Chris is an all-around hacker enthusiast passionate about building video games, websites, radios, furniture, rockets, fire sculptures, communities, and more! He will be leading Hack Camp’s workshops, designing hardware projects, and directing the day-to-day experience.

A brief history of Hack Camp

Hack Camp began as an experiment to discover new ways of teaching coding at our clubs around the world.

After our first year, something incredible happened—our students began running their own camps! They’ve sprung up in a suburb of Cincinnati & Southern India.

This was so inspiring to watch that we’re following their lead to bring Hack Camp back in 2019.


Hack Club is born


First Hack Camp in SF


SF Hack Camp v2


A Camp appears in Mason, OH


Camp runs again in Mason


A Camp appears in Kerala, India


Hack Camp returns to HQ!

Hack Camp is a chance for young students to discover their ability to build using code. Your youth is the most defining time of your life, and Hack Camp helped us reach out to students around the community to expose them to the most beautiful, empowering parts of technology.

Megan Cui, Mason, OH

Camp leader, Harvard ’23

I was worried campers might lose interest since coding was new to them. But when we got them started, they blew us away. They started learning by themselves during the camp and built things we never taught them.

Athul Blesson, Kerala, India

Camp leader, ASIET ’21

Welcome to Hack Club HQ.

We’re running Hack Camp right at our office in San Francisco (576 Natoma St). Here’s the space.