Camp is all about building.

Every day at Hack Camp you’ll go home with a new finished project. We want some projects to be a surprise, but here are a few you’ll certainly tackle:

Your First Website

A teenager in our community built the website you’re reading from scratch. The first day, it’ll be your turn.

Your First Radio

Radios are the basis of Wi-Fi & satellites. You’ll build one yourself—but with a pencil, razor blade, & copper wire.

Your First Game

Making a game is a great intro to code, and it’s never been easier. You’ll go home with your own 3D world.

A day in the life

  1. 9:00am

    Morning discussion

    What are we doing today?

  2. 10:00am

    Morning workshop

    Let’s build something awesome together.

  3. 12:00pm


  4. 1:00pm

    Afternoon workshop

    Progress resumes on incredible stuff.

  5. 3:00pm

    Project demos

    Woah, you built that today??

  6. 4:00pm

    Camp dismissed

Hack Camp was the single factor that completely shifted my view of CS. I met an unbelievably accepting & kind community of creators & learners that introduced me to an entirely novel approach to hacking, changing not just the way I regard technology, but the way I approach the world at large.

Connie Liu, San Francisco

Hack Camp attendee, 2016