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HCB is a fiscal sponsor

  • Nonprofit status.
  • Tax-deductable donations.

HCB provides a financial platform.

  • A donations page and invoicing system.
  • Transfer money electronically.
  • Order cards for you and your team to make purchases.

HCB is not a bank.

  • We partner with Column Bank to offer a bank account to fiscally-sponsored projects.
  • You can't deposit or withdraw cash. But you can receive any kind of electronic payment!

HCB is not for for-profits.

If you’re looking to set up a for-profit entity, consider Stripe Atlas.

Questions? Email or call +1 (844) 237-2290

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HCB has been experiencing some exciting growth and subsequent capacity constaints. We are prioritizing organizations ran by Hack Clubbers, teens, FIRST teams, as well as groups with an annual budget greater than $50k. Please expect to hear back by May 1st, 2024.

We currently do not work with new organizations outside of STEM, Education, and Climate.

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Transparent accounts’ balances and donations are public. You choose who has access to personal details. This can be changed later. As an example, Hack Club's finances are transparent!

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