# A Note For Those Who Want To Use Your Own Editor We'll be using JS Bin to write our code in this tutorial. If you prefer to use your own editor, please do, but know the directions are made for JS Bin. **Including the p5.js and p5.play.js libraries** If you do end up using your own editor, make sure you include: - [ ] _the p5.js library - (see below)_ - [ ] _the p5.play.js library - (see below)_ **This script tag adds [**p5.js**](http://p5js.org/) library** ```html ``` **This script tag adds the [**p5.play.js**](http://p5play.molleindustria.org) library** ```html ``` **Your HTML File might look like this:** ```html p5.js

Using your mouse, dribble the soccer ball into the goal.

``` [![](img/bttn_back.png)](https://rawgit.com/jonleung/77f8662577df9c2ff04d/raw/2c8489d490de8e37e89e6fb5b9073f904b6377e0/index.html)