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Here’s an hour of a club meeting.

Hack Clubs meet weekly, typically for 1.5 hours. Meetings resemble mini-hackathons, where members learn to code through building projects like websites and games.

A group of students come together to start coding. Many are beginners.

Members work on self-directed coding projects, learning by making.

At the end, everyone demos their projects for the group.


We’ll provide support to get your club going & growing.

From working with our 200+ Hack Clubs at high schools around the world, we’ve assembled the resources you’ll need for a successful club.


In our Slack, come chat with hundreds of other club leaders and members around the world.

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Our curriculum gives your members dozens of free tutorials for making websites, apps, & games.

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Learn from all our clubs—we’ve got information, advice, & experience to share.

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Get stickers, posters, & ideas for spreading the word about your incredible club meetings.

Start a new club, or bring your own. We’re excited to meet you.

When established CS clubs join, they get the full benefits of the network. While Hack Club is currently optimized for new chapters, we’re increasing the benefits for existing clubs every day by launching new projects like Challenge, Hackathons, & Bank.


Teach coding, bring together a community.

Clubs are led by teams of 2-3 students (sorry, no parents or teachers). We ask that at least 1 leader be technically adept enough to write and customize workshops.

What happens outside of club meetings?

After Hack Clubs establish a dedicated base of members, they begin to attend nearby hackathons and eventually host their own (sometimes with Hack Club Bank).

Will you provide everything to make my club a success?

No. Every school is different and you’re going to need to heavily customize our advice and resources. We try our best, but you know your school better than we do.


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