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Making leads to learning.

Coding is a superpower.
So let’s start building.

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Learn to code with this collection of community-contributed, self-guided coding tutorials and project ideas. Write one »


Set out on your journey. Start out by building your own website, then tack on new features to make multiplayer games and collaborative web apps.

  1. Personal Website

    Making your first website from scratch

  2. That Was Easy

    Website with clickable buttons that make sounds

  3. Geometric Pattern

    Super cool geometric patterns using p5.js

  4. Dodge

    Bullet-dodging game using p5.js

  5. Platformer

    Simple side-scrolling platformer game

  6. Sketch Together

    Real-time collaborative drawing pad using p5.js

  7. Dashboard

    Personal dashboard with news and weather


Launching your own Hack Club? Here are a few pointers

  1. Leadership Team

    How to form a team to lead your club

  2. Mailing A Mentor

    Reach out to your heroes


Start building projects on the coolest credit card sized mini computer.

  1. Intro to Pi

    An introduction to the credit card-sized super cool mini PC

  2. Choosing your Pi

    Learn the differences between different models of Pi

  3. Set Up a Pi

    Installing Raspbian on your dessert of choice

  4. Remote Viewing

    Set up remote viewing with VNC on Pi

  5. Control an LED!

    Build an IoT project with Cayenne on your Raspberry Pi


Bring projects from cyberspace to the real world with this small hardware platform.

  1. Uno

    Specs of the Arduino Uno

  2. Blink

    Blink an LED with Arduino

  3. Temperature Monitor

    Build a temperature monitor with Arduino


As is/no warranty. These workshops haven’t been fully tested yet, so we don’t know just will happen if you try building things with them.

  1. Cringe 101

    The most cringiest website ever


    A clone of

  3. Chat

    Real-time chat application with Firebase

  4. Rails Notes

    Personal notes app using Rails

  5. Linux on a Stick

    Portable Linux system

  6. Find Bigfoot

    Simple game to find Bigfoot using HTML, CSS and JS

  7. The Dawgshop

    Dynamically modify your page with jQuery, dawg

  8. Twine

    Build a text adventure game

  9. Swiper

    Introduction to iOS game development with Swift

  10. Bumpteroids

    Build a clone of the classic Asteroids arcade game

  11. Pico-8

    Learn game development through the Pico-8 fantasy console

  12. MEAN.js To-do List

    To-do list web app powered by MEAN.js

  13. Chrome Extension

    Chrome extension for an editable notepad

  14. styled-weather

    Weather app with React + styled-components


The odd ones out. Workshops not yet properly categorized.

  1. Preface

    Read this before beginning any of the workshops

  2. Slack

    Join the Hack Club community Slack

  3. Wishlist

    Community wishlist for new workshops. Please contribute!

  4. Orpheus

    A brief biography of our lord and savior


These workshops are no longer maintained. They may contain errors and are not recommended for club use. Here be dragons.

  1. Portfolio

    Build your first website

  2. Git and GitHub

    Introduction to using Git and GitHub

  3. GitHub Pages

    Launch your website with GitHub's free hosting

  4. Cloud9

    Introduction to using Cloud9

  5. Maze

    A "Scary Maze Game" clone

  6. Notes to Self

    An online personal journal

  7. Soccer

    A simple soccer game

  8. Twilio

    A website that makes phone calls and texts


Supplemental material for Hack Club Challenges

  1. p5.js

    Build the coolest website with p5.js

  2. The most ridiculous API

    July 2018