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The most ridiculous API

July 2018

Created by Hack Club staff

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The most ridiculous API

July 2018

Created by Hack Club staff

You can find this tutorial online at https://hackclub.com/workshops/challenge_ridiculous_api

Table of Contents
  1. Examples
  2. Getting started
  3. Before you go…

Most Ridiculous API Challenge

This is an introduction to the July 2018 challenge we’re running. Submit your projects here!

The prompt for this challenge is to create the most ridiculous/dumbest/silliest API possible. An API is a web project that returns a response, usually dependent on some sort of query/input.

For example, you can go to https://api.hackclub.com/v1/challenges to see all of Hack Club’s Challenges.


The challenge is to create the API, but you are more than welcome to create an application like http://hypochondriapp.io/ that demonstrates your API.

Getting started

Here are a few tutorials for getting started:

Before you go…

Join the #challenges channel on the Hack Club Slack! (Link below.) You can talk to other participating developers, share your work as you go, and ask tons of questions.

We’re looking forward to your awesome, stupid, and silly creations! Submit your projects here!

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