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Community wishlist for new workshops. Please contribute!

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Community wishlist for new workshops. Please contribute!

You can find this tutorial online at https://hackclub.com/workshops/wishlist

Table of Contents

    This is not a standard workshop—it’s a place to record wanted workshops.

    If you’d like to see someone make a workshop on building a specific type of project or on a specific technology, please edit this workshop to include your ideas!


    • Fleshed out track for game development in JavaScript (@zachlatta)
    • Fleshed out track for mobile development (@zachlatta)
    • Workshop track to introduce backend development (@zachlatta)
    • How to make a Discord bot (@zachlatta)
    • Build a backend using Express & Node
    • More advanced game workshops (especially using Phaser)
    • Heroku workshop (how to deploy things using Heroku or maybe another backend)
    • How to host a hackathon (not a traditional workshop, but would really like to have on the site)
    • CAD workshop?
    • How to connect to Slack via IRC
    • How to scrape a website (@ifvictr)
    • Cryptocurrency price tracker using Twilio API (@ifvictr)
    • Converting handwritten notes to files using Google Cloud Vision (@ifvictr)
    • Create a Chrome extension that returns the current price of Bitcoin (@matejmecka)
    • Make a Google Assistant Action to find Hack Clubs near me (@matejmecka)
    • Create a menu bar that lists meetup events happening soon (@matejmecka)
    • A large open source project that Hack Club leaders and attendees can contribute to (@yevbar)
    • SMS bot to send you time-based reminders (@lachlanjc)
    • Basic Amazon Alexa skill (@lachlanjc)
    • Slack slash command to save ideas (@lachlanjc)
    • Add payments to a website with Stripe (@lachlanjc)
    • Intro to React (@lachlanjc)
    • Text editor/writing app built with React and Draft.js (@lachlanjc)

    • Markdown-based blog using Gatsby (@lachlanjc)
    • Weather app using React + styled-components + Dark Sky API (@lachlanjc)
    • Game using react-game-kit (@lachlanjc)
    • Basic site builder using contenteditable and a bit of jQuery (@lachlanjc)
    • How to create your own cryptocurrency (@yevbar)
    • Chat out with a chat bot (@yevbar)
    • A simple neural network (@yevbar)
    • Your own programming language! (@yevbar)
    • A collaborative Spotify playlist using the Spotify API (@MatthewStanciu)

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