Leadership Team

How to form a team to lead your club. Created by Hack Club staff.

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Making a Leadership Team

To put it straight, your leadership team is the most important part of your club. Clubs are nothing more than the people they consist of and, as a result, the people doing the organizing determine whether you succeed or die.

We strongly recommend having a leadership team of 2-3 co-founders. This article has a good overview of general good practices when picking co-founders (it’s written for people starting companies, but applies to Hack Clubs).

On top of that, we have a few recommendations specifically for Hack Club co-founders:

Can I Lead The Club Myself?

You may — it’s your club. That said, what if you’re

It’s tough to lead a good club by yourself and you are much more likely to succeed with a co-leader or two. Nearly all our best clubs have more than one leader, so applications with co-leaders will have an advantage over solo-leaders.

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