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December hack night

At one of our first meetings, a sophomore thanked me for starting the club because it showed her that coding is about more than taking a test. Hack Club showed my school what computer science classes didn't and let me share why I care about coding.

Rachel sterneck

Rachel Sterneck

Senior, Roslyn High School

How It Works

A student-led Hack Club is made of four simple ingredients:

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It takes only one passionate student to start a Hack Club – that could be you!

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Anyone who is interested in learning how to build cool apps & games are welcome to join!

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We work with your school and our partners to get it the support it needs

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Our Resources

We provide the resources to run your club, including workshops, partnerships, and community.

Meet the Hack Clubs

When you start a Hack Club, you join a diverse community of coders from around the world.


We host events like Demo Night for students to show off their projects.


Students work with the latest and greatest innovations, such as virtual reality.


Hack Club's workshops provides hours of hands-on instruction.


Anything can be programmed, from apps to musical instruments.


We bring in industry professionals to give talks and lead discussions.


We believe that coding can be a very collaborative activity.

The impact of Hack Club reaches far and wide across the world, in
153 schools across 16 states and 7 countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hack Club?

We're a San Francisco based nonprofit that works with high schoolers to start after-school coding clubs. We provide everything needed to start a successful chapter at your school – curriculum for club meetings, facilitation guidelines, and an online community of club leaders from around the globe.

What does a Hack Club look like?

Hack Clubs meet after-school once or twice a week for an hour and a half. The structure varies club to club, but most meetings involve members learning to code by working on real projects, like apps, websites, and games.

What is hacking?

When we say "hack", we're referring to solving problems cleverly with code – just like "life hacking", except with computers. We're not here to break into anyone's bank accounts.

When members of Hack Clubs hack, they're building apps, websites, games, and anything else you can imagine.

Have any other questions?

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