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Hack Club is a global, nonprofit network of high school coding clubs. Apply now for early admissions.

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We’re high schoolers running weekly afterschool coding clubs. We’re running an exclusive campaign to help next-gen leaders start their clubs before the year ends. With a spring pilot, you’ll start off great next fall with runway experience & members.

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Start a club, or bring yours—existing clubs are welcome too!

Join an incredible global community of hackers.

Hack Club is an online community of thousands of other young makers. We’re artists, writers, tinkerers, filmmakers, volunteers. We make & learn together. You’ll be at home here.

Have a coding question? Looking for project feedback? You’ll find some fabulous people to talk to in our global Slack (Discord-style online groupchat) with 3,000+ members, active at all hours.

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Join forces with the best hackers.

Making projects on your own can be isolating—we’ve been there. In the Slack community, you’ll find friends, supporters, and collaborators for your work.

Meet some truly incredible people.

You’re going to meet super talented people, who organize hackathons, start coding clubs, build apps, lead camps, classes, and more.

Grow as a programmer & human with our resources.

We offer free, open-source coding tutorials. We write about running coding clubs and hackathons. We run seasonal Challenges, themed coding competitions with cash prizes. We’re deeply committed to improving the world of high school hacking.

Learn as you build at hackathons & events.

We maintain an open source, up-to-date list of all the high school hackathons happening soon. Check out all those events! (& totally go to one.)

Running an event?
We can help.

Running a hackathon is tough. Hack Club Bank offers a straightforward, batteries-included financial platform for high school events.

Before I started Hack Club in sophomore year, I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t think I could do big things.

Megan Cui, Cincinnati, OH

(@megan on Slack)