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By the students, for the students.

High school coding clubs.

Hack Club is the world’s largest nonprofit network of computer science clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects.

Join the largest community of students building the class they wish they had.

At Hack Club, every week you and 20 other students come together to make. Meetings are like mini-hackathons. People are working on projects, you lead workshops introducing new technologies, you and your co-leads mentor. Members typically start with no experience.

So much more than a club

Hack Clubs attend and run hackathons like Hack Chicago and Hack the Fog. They run summer programs like Hack Camp. They compete in competitions like the Congressional App Challenge (and our Challenge!). This is no ordinary club.

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The power of a network

Online community

Talk to thousands of club leaders/members on Slack.


Dozens of tutorials for your members to make projects.


Talk to our team online for guidance anytime.


Get materials and ideas for spreading your club.

We believe people learn best when they take control of their own education.

Hack Club is heavily inspired by unschooling. At Hack Club, there are no teachers or lectures—members work at their own pace on their own projects. Your job as a club leader is to facilitate and provide guidance through mentoring and the power of community.

Coding is a superpower

Learning to code is uniquely empowering: you go from a consumer to a creator. The goal of Hack Club is to help you become that creator. We want a space for hacking at every high school, every week.

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