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Hack Clubbers assemble at Figma HQ for the first IRL hackathon in SF since 2020: Assemble. 📸 Photo by Kunal Botla, Hack Clubber in MA!

Welcome to Hack Club

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Hackers at Assemble in SF

The rundown

Discover the joy of code

Every day, thousands of Hack Clubbers gather online and in-person to make things with code. Whether you’re a beginner programmer or have years of experience, there’s a place for you at Hack Club. Read about our hacker ethic.

Hack Clubbers at SpaceX HQ in LA
Hack Clubbers at SpaceX HQ in LA
Hack Clubbers at SpaceX HQ in LA
Hack Clubbers at SpaceX HQ in LA
Map of Hack Clubs around the world
Map of Hack Clubs around the world
  • Connect with other teenage codersHave a coding question? Looking for project feedback? You’ll find hundreds of fabulous people to talk to in our global Slack (like Discord), active at all hours.

  • Build open source learning toolsWe build large open source projects together (3k+ PRs a year) like this website, a game engine, daily streak system, and more!

  • Gather IRL with other makersMeet other Hack Clubbers in your community to build together at one of the 400+ Hack Clubs and high school hackathons.

Here are a few projects you could get involved in:

Connect with builders from around the world

We gather both online and in-person to share our love of code and make things together!

Happening now

Winter hardware wonderland

Get $250 to build your own electronics projects alongside hundreds of other teenagers in the Hack Club community!

Free hardware

We'll pay for up to $250 of your hardware to build your project.

Daily progress

From Feb 14-23, work on your project, sharing daily updates.


Find support from our community of 20k+ teenagers in the Slack.

Our online community

Coding doesn’t have to be a solidary activity. At Hack Club, we make things together and in our Slack, you’ll find awesome people to hangout with too. Code together, find your programming community, or just hang out.

We also invite someone we really want to speak to (like Sal Khan, George Hotz, and Lady Ada) and host an AMA with them.

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We build open source games and tools together

In collaboration with engineers on the Hack Club team, Hack Clubbers build learning tools for each other. Get involved with these projects by building something with our tools or contribute to the tools themselves.

Live from GitHub

ZeroQListarred hackclub/netherite-golem

⭐️ 589


Draw, make music, and craft games in our web-based JavaScript game editor, which has been used by 7k+ makers around the world.

New from the gallery...


by Jainam_Jain


A game about love and graphing, coming 2023! This project is powered by teenage hackers of all kinds: artists, musicians, programmers, storytellers… so if that’s you, come join us; we need your help to make this thing real!

Sprig console

250 consoles left

Play your own Sprig games on this console, which you can assemble and disassemble. Each kit includes parts needed for getting started with hardware engineering and embedded systems programming.


100+ community-contributed, self-guided coding tutorials and ideas. Learn to code by building, one project at a time.

Splatter Paint

Crazy colorful splatter paint in your browser with Paper.js
Splatter Paint demo

Particle Physics

Create a particle physics simulation and with p5.js
Particle Physics demo

Find your IRL community

Thousands of Hack Clubbers organize and participate in hackathons and after school coding clubs.

Network of 400+ coding clubs

Join or start a Hack Club and be part of a network of high quality coding clubs where you learn to code entirely through building things.

You can start with no experience and build and ship a project every meeting.

⭐️ 129

High school hackathons

We support the largest network of high school hackathons in the world. From an online community of organizers to free stickers and more!

Upcoming hackathons

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LancerHacks VI
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Find your second home at Hack Club

Join our online community

Connect with other technical teenagers on Slack and hack on things together.

Explore our open sourced tools

We’re currently building a game engine, daily streak system, graphing game, and more!

Start a club

Build an in-person community of high school hackers, and we’re here to help.

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