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53 years ago, 100,000 people gathered in San Francisco for the Summer of Love.

Welcome to the Summer of Making.

It’s not an event or program. It’s a theme for the summer, a challenge to every teenager reading this: What will you make?

To support you, we’re distributing $50,000 in free electronics (thanks GitHub!) & building Snapchat streaks for coding—but really Summer of Making is about you. If this will be the best summer ever, it’ll be because of what you choose to hack on & learn from.

Free hardware from GitHub.

GitHub is sponsoring $50k worth of hardware grants for student makers, alongside support from Adafruit & Arduino for gear.

Hardware grants

Make it physical.

We want hardware hackers of any experience and no experience—whether it’ll be your first time soldering or your thousandth. Any 1) Plausible, 2) Cost-Effective, and 3) Inspired idea is eligible.

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Share your daily progress.

As you learn & make projects, share short photo/video updates each day & build a streak. You can even put custom CSS all over your profile & use your domain.

See what everyone’s making

It's been a little difficult to get ourselves going, as we had to start working in the afternoon and had issues with Git and GitHub. However, we are slowly solving our problems, but we are running behind on our original plans for making our prototype. We're looking at some open-source projects that have been created to take a look at their thought processes on programming. Copy and pasting is definitely not our intent though, and there are many things that are different from this project me and Jeffery are working on than SRPG or TRPG Godot projects I've seen. Here's the project we're looking at, to give credit to the creator: I don't know why I've been reluctant to use open-source materials. Maybe it's just me feeling bad for looking and using other people's code considering this is mainly a software project? Please tell me your perspectives if you're willing to share.


Building an Expense Organiser with ES6 and Dropbox


Deploying my models to azure cloud


I painted again, this time with gouache! This ~is~ was my dorm room view before coronatimes, F. After this I ate a mango 🥭 and now I’m going to try to watch a few lectures before I sleep


Working on a design for a Students Who Code event


Almost finished moving out of our New Haven office with @msw and @lachlanjc. Hoping to be completely moved out by tomorrow. This office has been sitting idle since mid-March, when COVID hit and all of us dashed out to various places. A lot of my stuff was still here because I went on a big trip to Denver in early March and never came back to New Haven. I'm glad we're finally moving out of here, though it is kinda sad to see the place the clubs team called home for a year go away.


got my event to be announced in #announcements on friday and on the events hack club page partyparrot emoji also, ctf is getting announced this thursday so watch out 👀 anyway, i gotta get back working to my personal website cuz i kinda put it on hold for OSF and OSF Live. got an internship w a company today! heres a grin 😁



I use arch btw


p chill day today. Did some programming. Messed with typescript + serverless. Here’s my wallpaper for today (I think it’s the Oculus in NYC?)


Learning more about Rust!


Making some more pages for Rapid with the amazing @safin.singh!


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$50k in hardware grants.

Whether it’s your first hardware project or hundredth, you can have GitHub buy you electronics for a hardware project.

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