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53 years ago, 100,000 people gathered in San Francisco for the Summer of Love.

Welcome to the Summer of Making.

It’s not an event or program. It’s a theme for the summer, a challenge to every teenager reading this: What will you make?

To suppport you, we’re distributing $50,000 in free electronics (thanks GitHub!) & building Snapchat streaks for coding—but really Summer of Making is about you. If this will be the best summer ever, it’ll be because of what you choose to hack on & learn from.

Free hardware from GitHub.

GitHub is sponsoring $50k worth of hardware grants for student makers, alongside support from Adafruit & Arduino for gear.

Hardware grants

Make it physical.

We want hardware hackers of any experience and no experience—whether it’ll be your first time soldering or your thousandth. Any 1) Plausible, 2) Cost-Effective, and 3) Inspired idea is eligible.

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Share your daily progress.

As you learn & make projects, share short photo/video updates each day & build a streak. You can even put custom CSS all over your profile & use your domain.

See what everyone’s making

Trying out some new features on my website!! Will upload on Github by tomorrow!


Installed a backdoor on my web host.


Learning more React (and frarthur is not my name)


Oh my god yes!


Implemented a neural network


Got more hardware!


Low speed sucks🤦‍♂️🏻


Over 1 year of hard work and over 6k lines of code i guess i'm done. I guess i can call it an achievement. I've never worked hard like this before on a project in my entire life. Programmed an entire custom OS for this project, faced nightmares , lost hope at some points during the development stage, faced so many challenging problems and i was thinking about leaving it every day but now i'm proud of myself that i didn't quit and finished it. I learned so many things from it and i'm glad that i've made it beyond my potentials and my expectation. I guess you saw my first post here about my project the interactive cubes, this was my first project i've built in real life. This is my second project bigger than the first one and more complex. A visualization video to visualize how it will looks like in real life is coming soon :ultrafastparrot::ultrafastparrot::ultrafastparrot::ultrafastparrot: The name of the new project is TEKTABLE 👀


Great Project!! It uses Object Recognition in TensorFlow and OpenCV. Really Cool! :yay:


had such a good day today ah my family and i went on a small day trip to mt rainier and it was so nice to finally get out of the house lol


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You’ll be entering an incredibly welcoming community of over 10K teenager makers. All summer, we’re running weekly live events, including AMAs, coding workshops, show & tells, office hours, and more.

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Let’s review.

$50k in hardware grants.

Whether it’s your first hardware project or hundredth, you can have GitHub buy you electronics for a hardware project.

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Show up with daily updates.

Share daily updates of your learning in a beautiful portfolio with your own CSS—and build up a streak.

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Join weekly live events, including coding workshops, show & tells, office hours, biweekly AMAs, and more.

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