By the students,
for the students.

High school
coding clubs.

Hack Club is a nonprofit network of computer science clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects.

The sun never
sets on Hack Club.

30 states. 13 countries.

Join the largest community of students building the class they wish they could take.

What it looks like. Every week, you and around 20 other students come together to build. Meetings are like mini-hackathons. People are working on projects, you lead workshops to introduce new technologies, you and your co-leads are constantly mentoring. Your members start with no experience.

How it works. You, a student who knows how to code, get 1 - 2 others to start a Hack Club. You apply, we accept you, you use the community’s open source materials and remote office hours with the staff to get your club started.

Our philosophy. We think people learn best when they take control of their own education. At Hack Club, there are no teachers. No lectures. Your job is to facilitate and provide guidance through mentoring. Hack Club is heavily inspired by unschooling.

Coding is a superpower.

So let’s teach it like that at every high school, everywhere. Our philosophy →

United as one. Divided by zero.









Start a Hack Club.

Bring the movement to your school.

Build the class you wish you could take.