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Hack Club is a global network of programming clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects.
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Clubs in action

Build superpowers at your club.

Hack Clubs meet weekly at their high schools, typically for 1.5hrs after school. There are no teachers or lectures—members work at their own pace making websites, apps, & games, and presenting them to the group. As a club leader, you act as a facilitator, mentoring members and building a supportive community.

A group of students gather to start coding. Many are beginners.

Everyone starts hacking. At the first few meetings, members follow our tutorials as a runway before taking off with their own projects.

Members work on self-directed coding projects, learning by making.

Members leave every meeting with a project—including their first day. Check out a first website & game built at Hack Clubs.

At the end, everyone demos their projects for the club.

Demos bring the club together. As the leader, you’re cultivating a community of makers. Demos highlight new work & momentum.

Go beyond club meetings.

Hack Clubs attend and run hackathons like Windy City Hacks & Hack the Fog, run summer programs like Hack Camp, and compete in events like the Congressional App Challenge. The hack’s the limit.

Resources from HQ

We’ll provide support to get your club going & growing.

From working with our 400 clubs at high schools around the world, we’ve assembled the resources you’ll need for a successful club. Get training, marketing materials (stickers!), curriculum, a community of fellow leaders, a network of events, and more.


We’ll ship your club a box of our famous stickers for successful marketing from day one.

Talk to our team over a call or on Slack for guidance & assistance whenever you need it.

Up to $150 in grants for clubs and $500 in sponsorships for events.

GitHub exclusive

You’ve got the tools.

Rapid access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack with $45,000 in developer tools for everyone in your club.

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In our Slack, come chat with hundreds of other club leaders and members around the world.

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Our curriculum gives your members dozens of free tutorials for making websites, games, and beyond.

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Attend hackathons, workshops, & other local events from Hack Clubs near yours.

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Finances: fully accounted for.

Store money in a non-profit bank account, get debit cards, & collect donations online.

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Start a new club, or bring yours. We’re excited to meet you.

When established CS clubs join, they get all the benefits of the network. While we’re currently optimized for new clubs, we’re continually increasing benefits for existing clubs through new projects like Bank & Hackathons.


By the students, for the students.

Every Hack Club is always student-led. Students naturally build the culture of empowerment so key to success. Teachers can help by marketing the club & getting access to school resources.


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