Hack Clubbers assemble at Figma HQ for the first IRL hackathon in SF since 2020: Assemble. 📸 Photo by Kunal Botla, Hack Clubber in MA!

Don’t run your coding club alone. Make it a Hack Club.

Hack Club is a nonprofit network of high school computer science clubs and makers around the world. Applications are now open.

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Hackers at Assemble in SF

The rundown

Clubs discovering the joy of code.

Hack Clubs typically meet for 1 hour each week in high schools, makerspaces, community centers, churches, and any other venue where teenagers can gather. As a club leader, you get members (mostly beginners) started on something to learn/create, then members work at their own pace, building websites, apps, & games, and presenting them at the end.


A group of teens, many beginners, gather to start coding.The leader (that’s you!) presents for a few minutes, getting the group started building something new.


Everyone gets hacking, individually. Not hacking bank accounts, being creative and making something awesome.


To end, everyone demos their work.As a leader, you’re cultivating a community of makers. Each member showing off their work builds momentum & motivation.

Go beyond club meetings.

Hack Clubs attend and run hackathons like Lion City Hacks & HackOC, take part in year long programs like OnBoard, and compete in events like the Congressional App Challenge. The hack’s the limit.

Hack Clubbers gather at the Elon Musk AMA in 2020

~ Welcome to Hackerland ~

By the students, for the students.

Learning to code is like gaining a superpower — turning you from a consumer of technology into a creator. It shouldn’t be taught like a class — it should be a creative, inclusive space. To foster this environment, every Hack Club is student-led & members make self-directed projects.

Our philosophy →

Hit the ground running

Get your club going & growingwith Hack Club.

Chat with 100s of club leaders

In our Slack community, you’ll be invited to a space for Hack Club leaders to ask questions & chat, share projects, & attend weekly live events.

Tools to hack on

We build tools, such as Sprig, that your members can use to make projects with in meetings! Build more of them with us in our Slack community.

Meeting content

Come prepared to every meeting with over 100 workshops (3 years’ worth!) and 19 Jams that guide your club members through making fun, creative projects.


Get amazing stickers for marketing your club shipped directly to you & your club members.

A nonprofit fund

Use our 501(c)(3) status and a restricted fund with HCB to fundraise, accept donations, and buy things!

Weekly events

From Hack Night to AMAs to weirder events, the Slack community has live events for leaders & members alike every week.

A basket of free tools

We're always building new tools for leaders, such as Sprig! We've also got free subscriptions to Figma Pro, Postman, and more for running a great computer science club club.

Existing clubs welcome

When established Computer Science clubs join, they get all the Hack Club benefits: Zoom Pro, stickers, our Slack community, workshops, the works. They’re welcome to use the “Hack Club” name or keep their existing one.

~ The Hack Club Slack ~

Come for the skills,
stay for the people.

Communication and planning for our open source projects happen in the Slack. Coding is often seen as an isolating activity. Plenty of groups exist for kids who are interested in sports, theater, or chess, but the stereotype of a programmer is a person who sits alone in a dark room. It doesn't have to be this way—in the Hack Club Slack (Discord-style online groupchat), you'll find a group of 27,253+ fabulous people to talk to, active at all hours.

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Next steps

Apply today to start your club.

It’s all-online, free, & takes under an hour. We’ll help from there!

1. Application

Start by telling us about your club & who’s leading it.

2. Onboarding call

Hop on a quick Zoom with someone from Hack Club HQ.

3. First meeting

Schedule your club’s first meeting & get going!

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