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Looking for hackathons?

Welcome to the high school hackathon.

It's not an extracurricular or a club. It's not a class or a lecture. Hackathons are a place to build things for fun and meet others doing the same.

A hackathon is a social coding marathon where teenagers come together to build projects for a weekend and share them with the world.

The best way to learn is by building.
A hackathon is a space that helps give makers everything they need to start building–mentors, collaborators, inspiration, and a goal to work towards. Hackers will leave a hackathon with a project of their own, ready and excited to keep hacking once they get home.

We're at our best when we're making.
Hack Club is a global community of thousands of high school makers. We're organizers, coders, hackers, painters, engineers, musicians, writers, volunteers. We make things. We want others to make things too.

Join other high-schoolers at an upcoming hackathon.

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Behind the scenes...

Teenagers organize hackathons like Assemble & Windy City Hacks. The hack’s the limit.

Hack Club is providing grants, support, and more, to help you run the next amazing hackathon.

Grants, waived fees, and more!
  1. $500 grants.New!
    Running on HCB? Get a $500 grant once you have a venue, provided by Hack Club.Learn more →
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    Run your hackathon on HCB for free. All the money you raise goes directly towards your hackathon.
  3. A suite of free tools.
    When you join HCB, you'll have access to a suite of free tools including debit cards, a domain name, stickers, and more.
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The Hack Club Community

A hackathon organizer's best friend.

The #hackathon-organizers channel is where teenagers around the world ask questions and share their own hackathon organizing experiences—from finding a venue to securing sponsorships to ordering food.

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Reach hackers worldwide by listing your event on hackathons.hackclub.com, the first Google search result for "high school hackathons." Your event will also be emailed to a network of high school hackers in your area.

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Resources so you can organize an amazing hackathon.

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Chat in Slack for support with organizing your hackathon, from finding a venue to marketing your event.

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