Executive Producer

New job open as of October 2022.

Executive Producer, Hack Club

Hack Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded by a 16-year-old high school dropout and run by engineers, many of them teenagers. Our mission is to be a home for technical teenagers to build and code with their friends, and—when successful—foster a new generation of highly technical young people who have skills to solve our greatest problems.

Hack Club is already the largest network of technical teenagers in the world, with thousands from the US and 28 countries. Built by teenagers, for teenagers, Hack Club has many teenagers with incredible stories to tell, as well as an opinionated attitude about education/economy/childhood/the internet in the 21st century. We've already been featured in Wall Street Journal, CBS News, other newspapers, plus we have a decent Twitter/YouTube/GitHub following without any dedicated effort. Hack Club is engineer-led, and our audience is technical.

Hack Club is actively looking now to hire its first Executive Producer to tell its story across various platforms, including social media, newsletters, op-docs, blog/Op-Ed posts, direct emails, and curated partnerships with major tech companies and organizations.

One unique and fun aspect of working for Hack Club is that you interact directly with teenagers every day—half our team is under 18. Also, Hack Club is engineer-led, so the work is always new and focused around cool new projects teenagers code.

Your goal is to tell Hack Club's story so that every technical teenager in the world hears about Hack Club and in a way that makes Hack Club better for those already in it.

Responsibilities for you and your team include:

You'd have a budget, plus 2-3 teenagers working for you, both full and part-time, remote and in person.

In this role, you'd manage a squad of highly technical teenagers and a group of contractors (video/design). You'd report to the co-founder, who is a former journalist and has been leading our comms among other duties. She has produced a TIME Magazine cover, a NYT op-doc, landed the front page of Hacker News, created viral tweets/YouTube videos, and personally written hundreds of articles for all the major mainstream media outlets.


Hack Club's work is highly technical. Our content must go deep in capturing technical ideas.

More About Hack Club:

The mission of Hack Club is to be a place where teenagers can become more technical, feel welcome in getting started, and feel inspired to build with code in ways that are always honest, transparent, high-integrity, kind, and friendly. We want teenagers to self-organize and assert themselves as persons.

Already, Hack Club is the largest network of teen coders in the country. We hope for a world where Hack Club becomes a nationwide cultural institution, creating a new generation of young people with the skills, network, and value system to become problem-solvers and builders for the 21st century—a new Girl and Boy Scouts.

How to Apply: Email christina@hackclub.com with Executive Producer in the subject line.

Job Type: Full time

Salary: Competitive

Health Insurance: Generous Health Insurance package