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Includes planning documents, partnership emails, meeting notes etc.


GitHub Repositories

Want to contribute?putting-the-you-in-cpuA technical explainer by @kognise of how your computer runs programs, from start to finish.4508some-assembly-required An approachable introduction to Assembly.2958hackclub Hack Club is a worldwide community of high school hackers. We make things. We help one another. We have fun.2352sprig Learn to code by making games in a JavaScript web-based game editor.764dinosaurs A collection of Orpheus (Hack Club's mascot) drawings! Look at them at :)631sinerider A game about love and graphing, built by teenagers.523OnBoard Join 1,000 teenagers and make your first PCB with a $100 grant!240jobs$ ssh jobs.hackclub.com193site The new, new Hack Club website (uses Next.js & Theme UI).157design-systemHack Club's (old) design system156scrapbook A daily streak system & portfolio for your projects.155hackathons Open source directory of free student-led high school hackathons.136how-did-i-get-hereA tool/website/article by @kognise about how routing on the Internet works.133dns Manage Hack Club's DNS through a GitHub repository106v2Hack Clubs (old) website 105burrowBurrow is a tool for burrowing through firewalls, built by teenagers at Hack Club.105workshops Website for Hack Club workshops.85the-hacker-zephyr The Hacker Zephyr: A cross-country hackathon on a train! This repo: all of our planning documents, finances, and code open sourced.81winter️ Join the community for a Winter of Making!81muse a simple language for jamming!80ktrKog traceroute. Highly asynchronous traceroute program written in Rust with ASN WHOIS and PeeringDB lookups.80theme-starter A sample Next.js project for getting started with MDX, Theme UI, & Hack Club Theme.79blot ️ blot, the plotting bot from hack club79outernet️ An out-of-doors, make-it-yours programming adventure. July 28th to 31st 2023 in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.79hackathons-v1 Open source directory of free student-led high school hackathons used by thousands of students worldwide (join the mailing list on the website!)66assemble The behind-the-scenes of the first high school hackathon since the pandemic! 66awesome-hackclubA collection of super awesome projects made by Hack Clubbers64theme Hack Clubs theme + React components for Theme UI56sprig-hardware Hardware designs for the Sprig Console52slash-z /z to create a new Zoom Pro meeting in the Hack Club Slack46proxyparty An Nginx redirector and proxier for all of Hack Club's needs!46scrappy️ the bot that eats trash (and manages #scrapbook)41spaderun sprig games on pc + pico. call a spade a spade.39api[DEPRECATED] The backend (that used to) power Hack Club.38webring A webring for the personal websites of Hack Club members35orbitNOT MAINTAINED: Orbit puts your development environment in the cloud.33iconsHack Clubs iconset, a superset of spectrum-icons33apac_certificate_generator33eventsAirtable-powered directory of upcoming events in the Hack Club community.32hacklang A programming language created for and by hackclubbers.32huginn-dockerProduction-ready Huginn deployment with Docker.31toriel A friendly bot that assists new members with joining Hack Club 29hacker-challengeUse your web inspector to hack your way through a series of challenges.28cow2Hack Club Cow 2.0 - a GPT-3 powered cow chatbot for Slack27technicolor A Hack Clubber's journey, written June 2021.26epoch Behind the scenes at Epoch a magical New Year's spent hacking in the Delhi NCR.25jamsWe're jamming!25hack.afHack Club's PostgreSQL-based shortlink router. Now running serverlessly!24airbridge The link that ties Hack Club's information together24cssThe Hack Club Theme packaged as raw CSS.24meta️ moved to hackclub/hackclub23campHack Club's summer camp23summer-site️ Recap website for Hack Clubs Summer of Making 2020, built with Next.js + Theme UI.23hackstoreThe official hackclub store23apac-directory23moonbeam to the moon!23simple-stable-diffusion Get Stable Diffusion running in less than 10 minutes in Colab!23HCCore Main plugin for the Hack Club Minecraft server22hackathon-photos An open-source directory of photos from high-school hackathons.22jams-bounty[SUBMISSIONS CLOSED] build a jam, get $200 🫐22maxdayReact + Gatsby website for displaying Max's birthday wishes. Written mostly by @lachlanjc.21banker-botHack Club Slack's banker bot21www-assemble The landing page for Assemble. Built using Next.js, Theme UI & MDX.21resource Community maintained collection of Hacker Resources 21orpheus-bot updates sent to Hack Club's largest supporters every month.208-ballthe hack club omniscient 8-ball20newsletter Whats up at Hack Club? 20sprig-engineThe standalone Sprig game engine.20ledgerHome of Hack Club's finances.19apply Website for applying to start a Hack Club!19markdownRender Markdown to HTML, Hack Club-style19hack-as-a-service-v0️ We've moved to @hack-as-a-service! ️19all-aboardThe Hacker Zephyr Homepage!17dungeon-of-the-slack17hcbapp do your finances with a mobile app17airbender Airtable assist16holiday-livestream-overlay to was Hack Club's first all-female/nonbinary hackathon weekend!16stevesteve16nestFree, powerful, and versatile compute infrastructure for all high school hackers!16clippyA friendly bot that assists new members with joining Hack Club15RudolphGiving gp to hack clubbers who contribute to open source!15loreA timeline of Hack Club's history!15pass-the-story15caches Caches of hacker culture in the 2020s, placed around the world by Hack Clubbers.15postersThe stunning, beautiful, incredible Hack Club posters designed by the one and only @Krishna-bansall15shippedDEPRECATED: Showcase of projects shipped by members :shipit:14markcopOur friendly Markdown enforcer14shipitA platform for hackers to show off their creations.14scrapbook-domainsCustom domain support for for Hack Club's Moonbeam project14scrapbook_v2Share the things you're working on every day!14assemble-puzzle Solve the puzzle to reveal Hack Club's 2022 summer event: Assemble.14www-epochEpoch's website!14hackathons-backendPowering https://hackathons.hackclub.com14draw-dino13streambot`@streambot` on the Hack Club Slack13notebook-notionHack Clubs public Notion13toolbox Deals for Hack Clubbers.13leaders-newsletterAn archive of every club leader update.13bunyanPaul Bunyan He keeps the logs for all of Hack Club!13joebunyan See and listen to the hackclub slack13mfaHack Club's solution for sharing multi-factor authentication (MFA) codes for team accounts13contributeA list of active Hack Club open source repositories with available issues on GitHub13slackerSlacker is an attempt to organize and systematize our developer/customer support use cases into something that is easy to manage and measure, and also is welcoming of newcomers wanting to help participate on projects.13hackedu-legacylegacy hackEDU website (deprecated)12slack-stats-collectorAutomatically track your Slack community's activity in a TSV with git12shopHack Club merch 12global Hack Club's websites translated for a global audience12assemble-scrapbook A shipping and judging platform custom made for attendees at Assemble.12assemble-tv-thingThe server running our tv screen during checkins. Intentionally hackable so attendees could customize it as they entered the venue.12operation-castleWater. Boat. Bouncy House.12applicationsApplications for programs that we apply to.11map-2020Interactive map of Hack Clubs global club network.11summerContains everything related to Hack Club's Summer of Making!11silver-and-gold11australiaFor those down under!11WHACK#whack-a-mole on Slack11guardianProcessor for CoC reports11hcb-wrapped-2022HCB Wrapped 202211clubsdirectoryThis open-source project aims to connect Hack Clubs from around the world, enabling cross-club collaboration and fostering new friendships within the Hack Club community. The Club Directory contains a vast collection of information about various clubs, including their addresses, names, leader information, and more.11chronicleThe Hack Club Dashboard, i.e. a centralized place to answer important questions relating to Hack Club11surrogate[DEPRECATED] HTTP proxy to bypass school networks in workshops10workshop-cardsGenerate Open Graph images for Hack Club Workshops10coastguardA bot that deletes messages in Hack Club's #ship channel if they don't contain a link or attachment10censusAn open source census of the Hack Club community10embedded-scrapbook Embed your Scrapbook in your own websites via React Component or Iframe10gamesThe Hacker Games, July 17th to July 22nd.10hackinuxThe website for Hackinux Challenge by HC APAC.10hacktopA TUI like `top` but for the Hack Club Slack.10AssembleTicketing-Backend10VS-SprigEverything for your Sprig game in VS Code!10hackathon-websites A directory of open-source hackathon websites.10wonderland10meet Meet a random Hack Clubber! Homepage of Hack Club's legal entity, The Hack Foundation!9marathonMarathon program for the Hacker Games!9nix-overlayHack Club's Nix overlay for Hack Clubbers' projects9tilde The Tilde server for Hack Club9link-tree Link in bio, hacker for HCB9assemble-preflight-webAssemble Ticketing + Preflight Vaccine Verification9assemble-calendar️ A JSON/ICS represenation of the Hack Club Assemble Run of Show Google Sheet9numerology language model-powered characters for your slack channel.9bank-apiA community-driven effort to build an API for Hack Club Bank9map-of-the-slack️ A map of all the channels in the Hack Club Slack!9outerlanWe put the 'net' in Outernet9release-pollPolls a GitHub repository for new releases and sends an email when one is created.8sloth-gifsOfficial Sloth GIFs for hackEDU.8fb-group-statsSimple http request to see amount of activity in your facebook group8leaders8buckysimple utility for passing files around between different cloud utilities8assetsHack Clubs logos, favicons, fonts, & more.8workshop-deck-playground8leap-manual8som-mail-system️ Powering the shipment of 7,000 stickers, now that's one big flex :D8hacktimeWakaTime-powered coding leaderboard for Hack Clubbers!8slack-invite-serviceA small API for inviting people to the Hack Club Slack8meetings A collection of real Hack Club meetings, paired with everything you need to run them in your own club.8meet-the-outlaws Home of the Meet the Outlaws Scavenger Hunt!8the-zephyr-chronicles500 contributions or 8hqHack Club's open source documentation for its headquarters.8bunny What's hopping on Slack? See the most active channels!8wizard-orpheus8scholarshipApplications for The Hack Club Scholarship are open now! ‍7zachdayFor pleasing our overlord7goblinGoblin is a Slack bot that integrates with Hack Club Bank 7the-fuzzHack Club's Friendly Neighborhood Moderator Bot7bag-bot-prototypeYou rummage around inside the bag. There's a lot of junk inside.7hack-coins7leap-sitePromotion site for the Orpheus Leap7awesome_hackclub_auto Automation service for awesome-hackclub7vibez-homieautomation of the hackclub #vibez channel (see #vibez-dev)7design-awardsComing Soon in Summer 2021.7best-friendsFind your next best friend from Hack Club7zephyr-requests7live-editor7photowall.zephyrexperimenting with a first ship for the hacker zephyr ( for the APAC Leaderboard7zachchainLike hackchain, but zachchain.7.githubThe octo-secrets...7nproxThis is the caddy (or maybe nginx) config for zephyrnet network proxying between all VMs.7css-starterLooking for a static site template? Look no further!7assemble-scheduleScheduling site used during Hack Club: Assemble. Forked from‍ Page for Hack Club Freewrite7sprig-order Authenticated Sprig-ordering flow7increase-rubyRuby API client for Increase, a platform for Bare-Metal Banking APIs7infra7community-team7hcb-wrapped-2023 Your year on HCB: how much did you raise? Where'd you spend that money? What happened to those receipts? All that and more on your HCB Wrapped.7hubotWARNING: This repository is deprecated6frontend-legacy[DEPRECATED] Frontend of hackEDU website.6dashboard6messenger_mergeMail merge for Facebook messenger6slackclubOur Slack <> IRC bridge6imgur-uploader-surrogateDEPRECATED6metricsPublic metrics that we're tracking6lecture-hall[Deprecated] Hack Club workshop renderer6anti-hack6banner React component for adding a Hack Club banner to your site6camp-applySite to apply to Hack Camp 20196hack-pack6badgerSlack bot to police usage of restricted/exclusive emojis6github-oauthServer to handle GitHub OAuth for the Hack Pack and other services.6mail-team-archivedOfficial Operations Repo for Hack Club Mail Team6auth(wip) new auth service for hack club6youtube-dl-botFranz is ~~an art thief~~ a bot that downloads YouTube videos.6hackboxThis is the the hack box project website.6scrapbook-networkRepresentation of the network created by Scrapbook's webring feature.6nestm-site Website for the nest+m Hack Club6modpackThe modpack for the Hack Club modded minecraft server6captive.zephyrCaptive portal for the ZephyrNET.6airtable-forms-proxy A proxy for Airtable Forms6hn️A tiny web3 platform for hack clubbers6DeleteMe6micros6clubscrapsHack Club Slack's #scrapbook <-> Clubs all over the world!6beakerlabwip lightweight gamelab runtime6kaluma🤏 A tiny JavaScript runtime for RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Pico)6puzzlelab6eurydicea character in Greek mythology and the Auloniad wife of Orpheus,6assemble-midnight-ctf Assemble's mysterious midnight puzzle event.6grant-dino Don't take it for granted!6slides Open-sourced slides from Hack Club meetings.6bungie-puzzle6slack-stats[DEPRECATED] How many stats would a slack stat stat if a slack stat could stat slack?6angelhacks3angelhacks 3.0 site! 6hcb-expansionsHCB: what does it stand for? 6pizza-fundOrpheus the delivery dino is ready to deliver your $100 pizza grants!6docker-postfixDockerfile for a Postfix server5prerenderNode server that uses phantomjs to render a javascript-rendered page as HTML. To be used in conjunction with prerender middleware.5basebuilderdocker base image for tsuru use5subreddit-themeA css theme for reddit.com5hubot-controlControl Hubot via web interface5fat_free_crmRuby on Rails CRM platform for Web 2.0 and beyond5docker-bitlbeeDocker container for running a Bitlbee IRC chat gateway ( tower of Isengard5shipit-legacyDEPRECATED: Utility for adding projects to https://shipped.hackclub.com5scriptsmagical scripts for doing the things5facebook_idsgiven a stream of facebook profile urls, output a stream of facebook user ids5Hackathon-CalendarList of upcoming + past hackathons5hostedThis is where we put things that we are hosting with generated with yeoman and built in angular5discussionsWARNING: This repository is deprecated5reveal.jsThe HTML Presentation Framework5hubot-github-notifyHubot script to notify users of GitHub comment mentions, issues/PRs assignments5sheets-backupBackup your Google Sheets to a git repository.5auto-smsHow we send out scheduled sms5blog[DEPRECATED] A collection of words meant for humans, not computers.5twilio-demo5geochatReal-time messaging app where you *are* your city.5guide-v1Hack Club's New Leadership Handbook5seasonGet the current season5ccc-scheduleSchedule for upcoming events at the Hack Club COVID Command Center5banker-api5linoOBS overlay for Hack Club's AMAs.5auto-melinda5mail-qr-code-tracker5chess-botBot for the #chess channel!5event-hn-distributionApp to give out HN at Hack Club events5asia-mini-confWebsite for Asia Mini Conference!5commerceThe Hack Market, powered by Next.js Commerce & Shopify5flipped-imagesI am an API to flip images5bot-indexIndex of community-built Slack bots!5all-aboard-ticketsTickets generator for the Hacker Zephyr announcement launch meeting5blogbook5your-first-ship Quick workshop for club members to ship their first hack!5roaring-galleryroar5application-viewer View applications, then put them on either the naughty or the nice list. Ho, ho, ho!5clubs-projection-exhibit5assemble-images️ AWS Lambda Function to upload Assemble Scrapbook images to S35epoch-registrationsRegistration bot for Epoch 2022!5expandables5epoch-prompter A **static** Next.js site to choose a prompt for Epoch!5podcastHack Club's community-run podcast5summit-pwa5orbit-xcrossplat GUI for orbit4orbit-website4pmDEPRECATED: Project management4maestroDEPRECATED: conductor of the things4phaser-composer4packratDEPRECATED: Club dashboard4slackin-off[DEPRECATED] Our deployment of slackin ( on Convox4slackinPublic Slack organizations made easy4hack-seriesWARNING: This repository is deprecated4free-tech-domain[DEPRECATED] Super hacky page to make redeeming free .tech domains easier4submodule-genie[DEPRECATED] A script which will send pull requests to make sure your submodules are up to date!4high-schooler-recruitingCollection of scripts used to drive outreach to high schoolers4calculate-funnelscript for processing club data from past year and calculating conversion rates for each stage of our funnel4markdown-to-pdfOn demand generation of enterprise-grade PDFs from GitHub-hosted markdown files4hackclub.esOur Spanish-language landing page.4guide-referral4storm-the-hack4linkmanhe dishes out the links, ya dig?4india-alexaThis is the official website for Hack Club Challenge4react-calendar-heatmapAn svg calendar heatmap inspired by github's contribution graph4blob-shortAPI to shorten every links in a blob of text super easily4operatorfor replit4slack-analytics-scraper4arts-gala4nigeria-site4christinaday20204asia-blogThis is the official repo for Hack Club India blogs4orpheushacks4scrapbook-livestream4cowThe Hack Club Cow, a semi-intelligent chatbot that roams the Slack!4hcb-ops-pluginGoogle Chrome Extension for HCB Operations Team4base16-hackclub-schemeTommorow scheme for base164base16-schemes-sourceA common list of schemes for base16-builders4base16-builder-rustA Rust implementation of a base16 builder4garden.zephyruseless web needs a place on the hacker zephyr too ( Deployment scripts for zephyr4schedule.zephyrSchedule website for the Hacker Zephyr4camp-site️ Archive of the 2019 Hack Camp Website4map4homebrew-tap4html-physics-sim4mini-engine-examplesMini Examples for Game Making4bunyan-etcThe etckeeper of the database for Paul Bunyan (a slack app for stats!)4game-lab-server4slash-z-guideA guide for Hack Club's /z in order to help new users get started.4assemble-register Registration form used for Assemble. Built using Next.js, Theme UI & Airtable.4guide-to-web-dev‍ [WIP] Hack Club's Guide to Web Development:4fresh-moneyDaily email every day, recapping what happened on HCB!4corgi-logistics-db4sprig-legacy-stubRedirector and migration helper for editor.sprig.hackclub.com4fossasiaWe went to host a community booth at the @fossasia Summit in 2023!4angelhacks-torontoAngelHacks satellite in Toronto.4mail-mission-control:saluting_face:4days-of-serviceWebsite for Comms and Philanthropy team to use for donors and partners to see past, current, and planned days of service events. 4statsStats for nerds (and otherwise)4harvestCoding event in Vermont w/ Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains!4teamThe API powering is a Hack Club Days of Service, an initiative started to bridge the gender gap in technology. We organized a day of coding in partnership with a local youth organization, The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta!4sprig-haxHacking the sprig with experimental hardware and software features4shout-docker3reading-list[DEPRECATED] A community list of good reads from Hack Club3warehouse[DEPRECATED] Tools for managing Hack Club's data warehouse3process-mturk-resultsSmall utility script that we use to process results from Mechanical Turk3phhs-hackclubOfficial website for PHHS @hackclub3villager-botHack Club Slack's villager bot3mail-team-servicesLabel formatting, PDF generation, and other things we couldn't cram into Zapier for Mail Team.3Post_BoyGUI to track shipments from Hack Club3privacy-card-embedHosted stylesheet for card embeds3mazewhere does it all go?3oxygen-mask3threadripperAdmin tool for easier moderation of slack messages & threads - Main features include logging deleted messages & deleting a thread and all of its replies3web-slides3start.zephyr3som-financesExperimenting with visualising Hack Club Bank transactions on GitHub Flat Data3postal HCB's hosted instance of Sendy using NixOS3plinkPlonk a wrapper for hack.af3mail-team3pierson-club3firepadCollaborative Text Editor Powered by Firebase3js-canvas-examples3nprox-etcetckeeper of (proxy passing and load balancing)3cosignA slack channel and bot that helps Hack Clubbers cryptographically verify each other.3MeetingBarYour next meeting always before your eyes in the macOS menu bar3clicker-game-examples3clipboard-copyLightweight copy to clipboard for the web3gamelab-versions3microworlds Microworlds are a place to discover powerful ideas!3share-form31password-teams-open-sourceGet a free 1Password Teams membership for your open source project3gamelabGo check out It's GameLab's successor!3SwiftVideoSwift Video Framework for Linux, macOS, and iOS/iPadOS3mail3school-toolboxNotes on running a club for Hack Club leaders and school administrators.3epoch-mission-controlEscape-room-style event for the Epoch3epoch-tv-thing3netherite-golemfor hack nights!3winter-recap3sinerider-api3place3angelhacks-la3hcb-og🪪 Open-graph images for transparent organisations on HCB; built using @vercel/og.3summitA weekend of invention, collaboration, and friendship in San Francisco with 50 Hack Club leaders from around the world.3hack-club-grants-receipt-printerA receipt printer... on my desk... printing a receipt each time someone wins a Hack Club grant!3hackend3my-qr.artfork of my-qr.art2awesome-gamedevA collection of free software and free culture resources for making amazing games. (mirror)2csprig2sal-ama-overlay2heroku-buildpack-popplerheroku-20 buildpack for pdftoppm (not the whole poppler-utils)2transcriptGive your bots more flavorful dialogue2turnover️ Tools for club leader turnover!2mail-dino2janus2alpine2spark2lonestar2gas-fund vroom, vroom, vroom!2www-hauntedhouse Where Fright Meets Byte: A Haunted House Hackathon Experience. Oct 28th to 29th 2023 in Chicago2hauntedhouse-toronto2hack-for-impact-2024 Everything hackers at Hack for Impact need to know about The Hack Foundation & HCB.2sprig-holiday-caseAssembly and fabrication instructions for the holiday Sprig case2assemble-print️ automated printing for hackclub/assemble-scrapbook1epoch-register1CircuitPython_Sprig1horizon-tv21fossasia-tv-thing1sinerider-leaderboard1maker-profile-prototypeAn experiment to try and create a home for your maker effort1angelhacks-baTeen in the Bay Area? Join us @ AngelHacks BA, a cosmic high school game jam 144.74cryptic.1www-outernet1OnBoard-templateI'm part of a 1,000 high school students designing their first PCB!1zach-ai-experiments1haloA Day of Service Event in LA with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles!1outernet-check-in1virtual-hauntedhousedeploys every single website for haunted house1hauntedhousespooky1www-hauntedhouse-bayarea1gasfund-botreimbursing to hack clubbers for there journey to a hackathon (wip)1confessionsRepository contaning everything for #confessions1sprig-dropA website for the new Sprig case drop.1lineflow1asmgameA browser game inspired by nandgame about making mini programs from a set of microinstructions.1sheetparty1geo_patternCreate beautiful generative geometric background images from a string.0blazerBusiness intelligence made simple0happenings0boringtunUserspace WireGuard® Implementation in Rust0serverless-puppeteer-screenshotsTake a screenshot from any website using Puppeteer and Vercel serverless functions.0outernet-scrapbookA scrapbook for outernet (based on hackclub/the-zephyr-chronicles)0undeniably-true0secret-santa-pairingThis grabs data from Airtable and pairs everyone using a circular pattern. Original version by @sarthaktexas0pizza-logbook0think-like-a-programmer0w2h0slack-export-script0summit-scheduleWe'll do it all again...0slackapolt0