Tom and Theresa Preston-Werner are donating $500,000 to Hack Club

ChristinaChristina Asquith, COO
ZachZach Latta, founder
Mar 16, 2022

This gift means a lot to the Hack Club community, and we are grateful for Tom and Theresa’s continued support.

In 2014, Hack Club was founded, and Tom joined as Hack Club’s first board member. In the years since, he has contributed open source code, mentored Hack Clubbers 1:1, donated dozens of laptops to teenagers who didn't have access to computers, and been a constant advisor on the Hack Club community, strategy, and product.

Tom and Theresa also helped fund The Hacker Zephyr, an epic, cross-country train hackathon taken by 42 teen hackers in the summer of 2021. Tom even hacked alongside Hack Clubbers onboard.

With this gift, we will continue to build the engineering team at Hack Club, including a Tech Lead for HCB, and new engineers to support clubs, the Hack Club online community, and events.

One of our goals in 2022 is to improve Hack Club and to support more teenagers in joining the community. Thank you Tom and Theresa for helping make this possible.

We thank Tom and Theresa for their generous gift and will carefully use each cent to advance our mission to create a new generation of young, highly-technical teen leaders capable of solving our world’s greatest problems. Every penny will be spent transparently.

— Christina Asquith, COO, and Zach Latta, founder

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