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These projects were built by Hack Clubbers all around the world on the Hack Club Slack.

Brainwave device for thought-based computer interaction.

The team of teens behind Monolith BCI is building both the hardware and software for a brainwave reading device to interact with computers using thoughts

A free domain service.

The teenage hackers behind Oblong are building a free domain service and non-profit to break down the barriers of entry for building a website.

An open source VPN.

Lead by an ex-Apple engineer, the team behind Burrow is building an open source VPN to burrow through school firewalls and keep your data safe.

Free compute infrastructure.

The team behind Nest is building a free compute infrastructure for high schoolers to run their code on. It's like AWS, but free and for students.

A chat app and cell phone carrier.

The teenage PurpleBubble team are building a private, secure and open source chat app

"I knew it's where I wanted to be"

Shawn, 18 from MD

"I felt so free- there were no expectations"

JC, 17 from MA

"Finally, I found my people!"

Cheru, 16 from VT

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