Meet the Team

Harrison shoebridge

Harrison Shoebridge

Software Engineer

Harrison founded a Hack Club at his high school in Sydney, Australia in 2015. After giving back to the organization through volunteering and contributing on GitHub he has joined the team full time as a software developer. He builds tools to make the jobs of club leaders and the rest of Hack Club's staff easier.

Kyle emile

Kyle Emile

Operations Director

Kyle is a former human resources professional from Whirlpool Corporation, where he managed various projects. His interest in non-profits grew after starting the global social movement, Free Intelligent Conversation. Kyle uses his experience and passion to bring Hack Clubs to high schools across the globe.

Max wofford

Max Wofford


Tapping into the hacking community, Max has found a common purpose with the founders of Hack Club and his passion for amplifying people’s ideas. He loves helping students scale their ideas into even more awesome products.

Selynna sun

Selynna Sun

Hack Camp Organizer & Instructor

Selynna is an avid hackathon organizer and leader of the Hack Club at Los Altos High School. She loves giving back to the hacker community that has affected her immensely, whether it's through teaching or organizing events.

Zach latta

Zach Latta

Executive Director

Zach founded Hack Club in 2014 after he started a coding club at his high school. He previously led the engineering team at Yo and was a developer on Football Heroes. He cares about building things and learning.


Pierre arys

Pierre Arys

CEO Diamond Inc.

Quinn slack

Quinn Slack

CEO and Co-founder of Sourcegraph

Tom preston werner

Tom Preston-Werner

Co-founded GitHub