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The bank for student hackers.

Hack Club Bank is the best place for high school hackers to store money for hackathons. Student organizers can invoice sponsors, issue physical debit cards, and get access to their event’s financials through a live dashboard—all with the benefits of the backing of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Finances, done right.

No waiting days for an email reply about your balance. Everything is immediately available and easy to see.

Bank account

Get a 501(c)(3) non-profit bank account (contributions will be tax-deductible).

Balance + history

Check real-time account balance and transaction history on the site at any time.

Manage your finances

Add notes to transactions, export data, issue reimbursements. Easy.

Screenshot of Bank on an iPad Pro

A powerful toolbox for organizing your event.

We’ve got all the tools to start planning your event, from emails with custom domains to legal forms.

Pre-written forms

Download free consent and photo release forms for your event. No lawyers needed.

Debit cards

Issue physical debit cards to all your team members—no need for reimbursements.

G Suite

Get free G Suite + email addresses (like megan@hackchicago.io) for everyone.

We’re here to help out.

Planning your event is enough work. Let us answer questions and do the background work.

Taxes + accounting

We’ll handle end-of-year taxes and accounting in the background.

Support anytime

Questions? We’ll never leave you in the dark. Best-effort 12hr response time.


Talk to our community of experienced event organizers anytime.

Ready to join Hack Club Bank?

You can join immediately with an invitation from an existing Bank user or a member of the Hack Club community. Otherwise, tell us about your event and we’ll get back to you within two weeks.


Hack Club does not directly provide banking services. Banking services provided by Silicon Valley Bank, an FDIC-certified institution.

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