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The team behind Hack Arizona is one of 100+ teams who uses Hack Club Bank to run world-class hackathons.

Tucson, AZ

A full-stack toolkit for organizing events.

Invoice sponsors, issue debit cards to your team, and view history.
Ongoing support so you can focus on your event, not the paperwork.

Bank account

Backed by Silicon Valley Bank with a custom, beautiful dashboard.

  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit status

    Become part of Hack Club's legal entity, getting the benefits of our tax status.

  • Tax filings (990, end-of-year)

    We handle all filings with the IRS, so you can focus on your event, not hiring CPAs.

  • Debit cards

    Issue physical debit cards to all your teammates, backed by Emburse.

    Balance & history

    Check real-time account balance + transaction history online anytime.

    Built-in invoicing

    Accept sponsor payments with low negotiated rates from Stripe.

    Pre-written forms

    Download liability + photo forms custom written by expert lawyers.

    Manage your finances

    Add notes to transactions, export data, issue reimbursements.

    G Suite accounts

    Get free G Suite accounts & email addresses (like for everyone.

    Support anytime

    We’ll never leave you hanging with best-effort 24hr response time.

    Have more questions?
    Check out the Hack Club Bank FAQ.

    The best events across the country run on Bank.

    Everywhere from Philadelphia to Phoenix to Portland, Hack Club Bank is powering events of all sizes.

    • Teenhacks LI





      Hack Club Bank has been very helpful in helping us manage our finances and allowing my team to send easy and professional invoices to sponsors. The platform is seamlessly easy to use and the Bank team is constantly improving it for event organizers and club leaders everywhere. Highly recommend jumping on Hack Club Bank to handle your next project.

      Snigdha Roy, Lead Organizer

    • Los Altos Hacks 2019





      Hack Club Bank has made it incredibly easy to handle our event’s funds and has provided countless tools to increase our productivity. With Bank, I can focus on making the event the best it can be.

      Jamsheed Mistri, Lead Organizer

    • Hack Pennsylvania





      For me, Hack Club Bank unlocked organizing hackathons. Even after as a club leader, raising money seemed insurmountable. Bank directly enabled organizing events in my community with event bank accounts & a supportive community. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

      Joy Liu, Lead Organizer

    • SLO Hacks





      Hack Club Bank significantly improved the fiscal sponsorship process for SLO Hacks, through a beautifully-designed platform full of useful features, in addition to a responsive team that made sure our questions were addressed as quickly as possible.

      Selynna Sun, Lead Organizer

    • MAHacks





      Hack Club Bank removed the barriers to starting fundraising for MAHacks. In mere days, vs months of nonprofit paperwork, Bank enabled my team to invoice sponsors professionally and manage our finances on a clear, up-to-date dashboard. I highly recommend using Bank & joining the Hack Club community.

      Kat Huang, Lead Organizer

    • DV Hacks





      Hack Club Bank is an essential platform for any hackathon organizer! It made us look both professional and credible in front of our sponsors and it relieved us of legal/financial burdens. Hack Club Bank was there for us every step of the way and for a first-year hackathon, that support was priceless.

      Khushi Wadhwa, Lead Organizer

    Everything you’ll need.

    1. Physical debit cards
    2. G Suite accounts & email addresses
    3. Automated tax filings
    4. Legal entity with 501(c)(3) status
    5. Bank account backed by Silicon Valley Bank
    6. Instant invoice sending
    7. Collect donations via card, check, or ACH
    8. Real-time dashboard of finances
    9. Share access with your whole team
    10. Pre-written legal forms for event attendees
    11. Record shared notes on transactions
    12. Transaction data export
    13. Dedicated point of contact
    14. 24-hour response support
    15. Negotiated nonprofit rates with Stripe
    16. Reimbursement process

    You pay just


    of revenue.

    No upfront costs.

    Hack Club Bank is a fiscal sponsor for your event.
    Industry standard varies between 7-14% of revenue.

    How long does it take?

    With Hack Club Bank, your account can be set up within days. We help with all the paperwork.

    Day 1

    Submit sign-up form

    Day 3

    Interview call with

    Michael’s avatarMichael

    Day 4

    Sign the contract & get online access

    Day 10

    Receive debit cards

    Bank doesn’t stop at closing ceremony.

    Setting up a bank account is just the start. Hack Club Bank helps you handle ongoing obligations while you’re organizing.

    1. We handle ongoing tax filings including end-of-year taxes
    2. Our accountants regularly reconcile your books
    3. You always have access to historical financial data

    Sign up for Hack Club Bank.

    Open to all US-based registered Hack Clubs, hackathons, and your next amazing event.

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    Hack Club does not directly provide banking services. Banking services provided by Silicon Valley Bank, an FDIC-certified institution.