Looking to get hackathon/nonprofit sponsorship from Hack Club? Here’s the rundown.

Is your hackathon in person and happening this semester? $500 grants and more, with support from Hack Club and FIRST®.

(To summarize: we’re a donor-supported nonprofit so outside of planned grant programs, we don't provide financial support to hackathons/other nonprofits. However, there are all kinds of ways we’d love to help out your project, so read on.)

Hack Club is an independent nonprofit, supported by donors, with a responsibility to our supporters to spend our budget directly on our core programs. Therefore, as much as we’d like to, we’re not in a position to provide financial support to hackathons/other nonprofits. We occasionally run grant programs, like the $500 grant for IRL high school hackathons. We wish you the best of luck in your sponsorship search—we recommend Megan Cui’s “Meginar” and Lachlan Campbell’s Flagship talk if you’re looking for advice.

If you’re looking for fiscal sponsorship (aka becoming a legal nonprofit), we’ve got your back—HCB will set you up with a nonprofit fund, legal entity, debit cards for your team, automated taxes/accounting, G Suite, an online donation form, ACH/check sending/receiving, discounts on stickers & software for your team, and great support. There are no upfront fees. Sign up at https://hackclub.com/fiscal-sponsorship/.

If you’re running a hackathon…

  1. Link your event on https://hackathons.hackclub.com/. There’s an application form on the website. The site has the largest email list of high school hackathon-goers, and will email all the subscribers who live within driving distance of your event. It’s also the first Google result for “high school hackathons,” so it’ll help your SEO.
  2. We’d be happy to send some Hack Club stickers to your event. Email us team@hackclub.com with the name of your event, expected attendance, and the shipping address and we’ll get them in the mail.
  3. Join our Slack community, and ask for access to the #hackathon-organizers channel. You can ask questions and talk to 500+ hackathon organizers from all over.

If you’re running a club…

We’re a network of hundreds of high school clubs around the world. We provide mentorship/coaching, stickers, curriculum, Zoom Pro access for virtual meetings/events, and more. Learn more here.

Thanks for your interest, and we’re sorry not to be able to make donations. If you’ve got any questions, you can reach us here: team@hackclub.com. Best of luck with your project!