The foundation of your nonprofit.

Start your nonprofit with our fiscal sponsorship program, HCB: a 501(c)(3) legal entity, bank account, automatic taxes & accounting, and best-in-class app.

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The home of hackathons, mutual aid groups, climate and social justice organizations, and more.
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Bay Area, CA, USA

Publishing techno-optimism, through newsletters, magazines, and events.

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Raices Cyber

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Empowering the Hispanic and Latino cyber and technology community.

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Fridays For Future Uganda


Leading the environmental justice fight in Uganda.

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Hack Club HQ

Vermont, USA

This is us! We run our operations on HCB.

Financial tools for your nonprofit,
built by a nonprofit.

Unlike other fiscal sponsors, we don’t license software from for-profit entities. Since day one, we’ve built beautiful, self-serve software to empower you to raise and spend money without administrative hassle.

Receive foundation grants with tax-deductible 501(c)(3) status.

Issue physical & virtual debit cards to all your teammates.

Operate globally with a U.S. legal entity.

Send money & reimburse via check, ACH, bank wire, PayPal, & more.

Make your finances transparent to your team and optionally, public.

Pay team members with built-in payroll.

We file all your taxes automatically, including form 990.

Embed a custom donation form on your website.

Get 24-hour support on weekdays with a dedicated point of contact.

One simple, transparent fee:
7% of income.

This fee goes directly to our operations staff and software engineers. This allows us to pay our staff fairly, deliver best-in-class software and support, and grow sustainably.

No legal fees.
No transaction fees.
No card issuing fees.
No subscription fees.
No minimum balance.
No check deposit fees.
No credit card processing fees.

The fiscal sponsor of choice for the best funders.

“HCB’s Climate fiscal sponsorship program removes funding barriers with a blend of youth-centered, tech-savvy services and a deep commitment to authentic youth empowerment that resonates with 128 Collective’s mission to create a climate safe future.”

Kate Goss, Executive Director, 128 Collective

High school hackers at Outernet in Vermont
High school hackers at Outernet in Vermont

Built by Hack Club

As Hack Club grew, we needed a way to empower our members. We currently have over 30,000 high schoolers involved in Hack Club with over 400 clubs around the world.

We started HCB in 2018 to support our clubs and hackathons. After showing it to our educational partners, we knew we had tapped into something much larger. We designed the tool to remove financial and legal barriers for anyone trying to do good in their community.

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1,500+ organizations on HCB have processed over $20,000,000.