Events Designer @ Hack Club

New job open as of October 21st, 2021.
This role has been filled as of February 8th, 2022.

Hack Club is hiring an Events Designer!

We do crazy things...

42 Hack Clubbers rode a train across America to SpaceX.
We hosted AMAs with people like Elon Musk and Grant Sanderson.
We gave 300 teenagers $50,000 for their hardware projects.

We're looking for someone fun, creative, and technical to excite and grow the community.

Couple things about you:
You're passionate about building technical projects and find tinkering fun
You've worked with teenagers and are excited to work 1:1 with them every day
You have event planning or media production experience and want to apply it

We have a strong preference for someone in-person in Vermont, but we will consider applications from people who want to work remotely, provided they are willing to travel to our offices.

Relocation assistance available. We have COVID protocols and take them seriously.

Projects you'll lead on:
Produce and project manage the big, crazy things we do every few months
Support Hack Clubbers in creating and executing their awesome ideas
Revive Hack Night, our weekly casual technical hangout with the community
Lead on organizing AMAs and conversations with famous tech leaders
Game design events at Hack Club to better help students form meaningful relationships

Hack Club is where 27,253+ teenage programmers talk, build, and have fun together.

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Hack Clubbers at Flagship
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The world's longest hackathon on land
One of the workshops run by community members
One of the workshops run by community members

This is not a normal job. For the last 18 months, a small team has produced a series of online events, and we're excited to hire an incredible, technical person to carry forward and build on these ideas. You'd be our 9th or so full-time staff member.

In the Hack Club Slack, you'll work with our community to create the best and most inclusive place on the internet for technical teenagers. To work at Hack Club, you need to have a background in programming, but you should be inspired by making things fun.

We are actively looking for candidates who have worked successfully with girl hackers before. We invite and encourage all interested candidates to apply even if they don't feel they meet all of the criteria.

This role pays between $60K - $100K, depending on your experience— and we know that's probably less than you'd make elsewhere. We offer healthcare and 4 weeks paid vacation.

Our headquarters in beautiful Shelburne, Vermont
Our headquarters in beautiful Shelburne, Vermont

The mission of Hack Club is to be a place where teenagers can become more technical, feel welcome in getting started, and feel inspired to build with code in ways that are always honest, transparent, high-integrity, kind, and friendly. We want teenagers to self-organize and assert themselves as persons.

Already, Hack Club is the largest network of teen coders in the country. We hope for a world where Hack Club becomes a nationwide cultural institution, creating a new generation of young people with the skills, network, and value system to become problem-solvers and builders for the 21st century— a new Boy and Girl Scouts.

How to apply: Email with "golden" in the subject line, 3 bullet points demonstrating why you would be exceptional for the role, and your resume.