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Dear friends,

Most Hack Clubbers are too young to vote. But on this momentous yet divisive day here in the US, we feel inspired to keep creating the world they'll inherit. At Hack Club, that means helping them build and innovate with code, make projects and adopt strong hacker values: curiosity, individualism and acting with integrity.

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Hack Clubbers hosts for our upcoming AMA with SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell.

This is our 14th VIP update, your 2-minute read on how we’re building Hack Club—sent to 92 recipients, including our major donors & friends. Thanks for this time together.

Thank you:

  • To Craig Newmark Philanthropies for donating $100k to Hack Club!
  • To Vercel for running a Next.js event with Hack Club students

Hack Club Highlights This Month

  • Female Hack Clubbers (Claire, Belle, Dina & Abby) will be hosting our upcoming AMA with Gwynne Shotwell, the President & COO of SpaceX, next Thursday. We’ve already got more than 200 RSVPs.
  • Hack Club’s workshop bounty program has picked up steam, now with 14 student-written coding tutorials published this fall. Our curriculum had 12k views this month.
  • In the #counttoamillion channel on our Slack, for 2 years (starting Oct 20, 2018), students have been counting up from #1. We're nearing 45,000 and community members have built infrastructure around it:
    • Avi (Daly City, CA) built their first-ever Slack bot, Million Stats, using Bolt.js, to post a daily summary update on progress & projected milestones
    • Victor T. (20, Los Angeles, CA) built Jia, a bot that notifies you if you've counted incorrectly
  • Our Slack sent 62,000 messages last week (~9k/day), with 850 weekly active members. In total, students have posted 225k messages in the last 30 days. We’re the most active community of high school hackers on the web.

Hack Club was excited to be part of Next.js Conf. Eighty-one Hack Club students signed up, and Vercel is donating proceeds from their merch drop to Hack Club. Check out Hack Club’s Next.js workshop for students.

Students keep shipping

  • Linus S. and community used Swift to launch Rudolph, a holiday game to reward students for making meaningful contributions to open source on GitHub.
  • Muhammed S. (India), working with fellow members at the KMEA Engineer College Hack Club, made a video and image face detection app.
  • Cole W. built AssignmentLogger, a collaborative homework planner built in Python and JavaScript that creates automatic task lists per class to track due dates & tests.
  • Alex K. and Kevin Y. (New York) entered into the Congressional App Challenge their new multi-level educational game Save Dave, built in Unity, about the immune system.
  • Harsh B. (India) published the Hack Club India blog, made with Next.js (open source), featuring their community members’ projects & stories from clubs & events.
  • We’re more focused than ever on building an inclusive, wholesome, stimulating place for teenagers to grow up & become the leaders we all want. Young people need to deeply know they have potential they can themselves unlock on the internet.

From Malaysia, Hack Clubber Belle S., 16, recently said: "I want to learn to code. It's a really magical power. If you have a laptop you can do anything. Outside of a computer I wouldn’t have the resources to do much. But with a laptop the possibilities are endless."

We agree. Stay safe & well this month. Thanks for reading.

—Christina Asquith & Lachlan Campbell

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