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Dear Hack Club friends,

Teenagers often say Hack Club changes their lives. You make this possible.

5,000 teenagers have coded at Hack Club in 2022. Meet Aileen, 14, of Texas and Toby, 14, of London, below. Hack Club delivers inspiration, real-world skills, income and hope. Please make a donation today.

Thank you for your past gift. Wishing you and your family a happy holidays. Latest news is 👇

Photo of BlairHacks Mini attendees

Your support recently helped these Maryland teenagers run their hackathon, BlairHacks Mini

This December:

  • 600 teenagers are building hardware projects together over the Christmas holidays, thanks to our Winter Wonderland hardware grant
  • 300 high school students are attending Hack Club’s winter hackathon series in India, Texas, Bay Area, and Vermont
  • George Hotz and Justin Truman just met with Hack Clubbers, and David Heinemeier Hansson is coming in January
  • 3 teenagers active in Hack Club were accepted early to MIT– congrats!
  • Thank you Craig Newmark, Liz Danhakl, Andrew Reed and the Danhakl Family Foundation for making major gifts to Hack Club in December

Meet a Hack Clubber!

Aileen, 14, of Texas attended her first ever hackathon with Hack Club this summer. Now, she is learning new coding languages, and collaborating on Sinerider, a graphing game alongside other Hack Clubbers. “These are one of the most memorable moments of my life… ever,” Aileen said this summer. See her at min 5:45 in the video of our hackathon.

Image of Aileen at Assemble

Big Picture in 2022:

300 new teen-led coding clubs have started, serving thousands of teenagers in the US, Brazil, India, Portugal, Sweden, and Ghana and 23 other countries.

You’ve helped us scale Hack Club Bank, which unlocks the financial system for teenagers. $2.8 million has been transacted in 2022!

More than a dozen in-person, teen-led hackathons have run, with +1k teenagers in attendance— this is amazing!

That’s just a snapshot of your impact. See our full annual report for more.

Looking ahead, we’re dedicating 2023 to making sure more teenagers know about Hack Club, leveraging our incredible new collaboration with FIRST Robotics. We want to help beginners grow as coders. And we will increase our dedicated outreach to girls and low-income teenagers, building on partnerships with Girl Scouts and Girls Who Code.

Your support will bring Hack Club’s life-changing programs to 10,000 more teenagers in 2023. Please donate today!

See what Hack Clubbers have built just in this past month:

  • Cole, 17, from Washington shipped an interactive FIFA World Cup bracket website that has 100k+ page views and was on the front page of Hacker News!
  • Faisal, 17, from India hacked together an Arc boost that gives you a GPT-3 generated answer to your Google searches.
  • Jianmin (Amanda), 16, from Massachusetts coded her own Markdown parser with a full stack application (using Express, MongoDB, and AWS S3) on top of it.
  • Peter, 14, created incredible workshops for his Hack Club in Singapore!
  • Hack Club Bank is built with teenagers in our community and this past month, Tinu (16, MD), Jaden (15, DC), Ian (14, CA), and Caleb (18, VT) shipped incredible new features like the ability to name cards, new settings and transfers page UI, and a welcome screen for new users!

Toby, 13, of London, joined Hack Club and came to his first in-person hackathon this summer:

Image of Toby at Assemble

“The sheer amount of care and love that has gone into the community is so incredible, and I honestly have no idea what I’d be doing today without it,” he says.

Please donate now to Hack Club and let’s keep going! Thank you! See you in 2023.



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