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Dear Hack Club friends,

This summer, hundreds of Hack Club teenagers are flocking to SF for a 3-day hackathon at Dylan Field's Figma HQ, a new 25,000-square foot building. Thanks Dylan!

Hack Clubbers from around the world are leading the effort. As a Hack Club supporter, you are part of the team that makes this free for everyone.

This is your 2-minute read on what’s happening at Hack Club, and how you can join in.

Hack Club's registration page for Assemble, our upcoming hackathon Hack Club's registration page for Assemble, our upcoming hackathon

Summer is starting strong: Just yesterday, we hit number 1 on Hacker News. In the last couple of months we have had some inspiring new gifts. In early June, we announced 14 new hires, including 10 teenagers.

News from the Hackerverse:

Tom Preston-Werner celebrated his 43rd birthday by funding hand-held game consoles created at Hack Club for 430 Hack Clubbers!

Hack Clubber Projects:

  • Aiden, 17, from Camas, WA, landed on the front page of Hacker News for a project called Millionjs, which he describes as a “super-speedy virtual DOM (the engine that React uses to put content on your screen).” Million has 2100 stars (and counting) on Github and won 3rd Grand Prize in System Software at ISEF2022.

  • Rishi, 16, from Toronto, ON, and a couple of other high schoolers created Otto (a “pet parenting system”) because they wanted a dog tag that “didn’t suck.” Last year, their pre-seed round of funding raised $125k. This year, the team–all of them still under 18–raised $1.6 million.

  • Cara, 19, from Massachusetts, shipped homeworld, which provides a central data source for things like OS installation images (and, soon, bootstrap files for auto-creating users and SSH keys), as part of the solard project, which is designed to simplify remote virtual machine management.

  • Hack Club connected Pranav, 17, of Redmond, WA, to Atlas Fellowship, which just awarded him $50k. This summer he is also joining the team at the startup Jupe in San Francisco. Pranav tweets about joining Jupe

  • Hack Clubbers Audrey of San Francisco, and Sam, 17, of Singapore, were selected as WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge winners.

  • Ella, 18, from the Bay area, didn’t want to miss anything exciting at the recent Rails conference, so she built an app that pulls events from their website straight to a calendar. This month, Ella started working for Hack Club full-time as she takes a gap year. She is now living in Burlington, Vermont, and riding her bike to our HQ.

  • Belle, 17, from Malaysia, is also joining the team here at HQ for a gap year before attending Wellesley as part of being chosen among the inaugural class of prestigious Schmidt Futures/Rhodes Trust Rise Global Winners.

By teenagers for teenagers: Hack Club’s mission is to create a new Boy and Girl Scouts for the 21st century. You’re part of the excitement happening this summer. Thank you!

Warm regards, Christina Asquith, Chief Operating Officer; Interns Abby Fischler, 15, and Ishan Goel, 17; and Rick Blount, VP of Philanthropy.

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