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It's Christina, COO of Hack Club, and this February's newsletter includes all our latest news - thanks for this time together!

Hack Club is a totally-free, student-led space for high schoolers to tinker and build with tech, make friends and learn to code. With so many students still isolated and schooling remotely, we're making Hack Club the best place on the internet to be a technical teenager.

Check out this Arduino Nano-compatible PCB built in January by Hugo Hu, 12, of New York. He made it in the shape of his Corgi. Also, give a clap to Betsy Zhang, 16-- she's about to launch her first Hack Club with friends, none of whom have ever written a line of code. She built her first website for her club:

Every month we send this 2-minute read on how we’re building Hack Club to our major donors and friends.

Corginator Image

Hugo's The Corginator is a custom corgi-shaped PCB, designed, manufactured, and shipped to Hack Clubbers across the US. He's selling it to the public online here.

Our ask to you:

-We’re hiring for a Creative Director and Bank Operations Lead, and need help spreading the word. Please share our job descriptions. - Creative Director: - Bank Operations Lead:

(technical applicants can apply by running $ ssh in their terminal)

Our special thanks to:

  • Blake Lieberman, 25, a credit analyst with MSD Capital, for making a personal donation of $50,000 to Hack Club. Blake says he “super supports the mission of decentralization and greater access/opportunity for entrepreneurs.” Thank you Blake!

  • SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell and Hack Club students are chatting on email now, as Gwynne continues to inspire Hack Clubbers by sharing advice, insights and support.

  • Ryan Caldbeck, co-founder and executive chairman of CircleUp, has just gifted Hack Club its first stock donation.

  • We made a dedicated thanks page to Tom and Theresa Preston-Werner for their $500,000 gift to Hack Club, and all their support. See why they support Hack Club at


In January, Hack Club founder Zach Latta was profiled in The Shelburne News, a local Vermont paper. It's here:

See our team page to meet our two new engineers, Julie, 25, a coder artist, hardware maker, and former coding teacher, and Zach Fogg, 29, a highly-technical home-schooled engineer.

Julie Zach

Getting physical mail is so exciting to students, so we built a mail station at Hack Club and we’ve been shipping out dozens of packages a week. We just finished sending 6,000 packages of Hack Club stickers to students from 128 different countries who requested them.

Hack Club teenagers collaborated to design a custom-manufactured Hack Club microcontroller, designed, manufactured and shipped by Hack Clubbers called the Orpheus Leap. Can we send you one?

Orpehus Leap Blink GIF

Magic Happening at Hack Club:

High school junior Kunal Botla, 15 of Massachusetts, fixed 5 broken laptops and shipped then to Hack Club in Zambia, where Club leader Parity is distributing them for free. Hack Club helped cover shipping costs via the Ron Conway fund.

GitHub is featuring hackclub/dns, our open source DNS repository, as the first example project for OctoDNS.

Projects Hack Clubbers have built:

  • With International Women's Day coming up March 8th, 5 Hack Clubbers have teamed up to create a beginner HTML workshop honoring female leaders

  • Ishan, 15, UAE, shipped a “recycle bin for the command line” and it got on the front page of ProductHunt

  • Khushraj. 15, India, ported all of Slack’s API packages to Deno: (he now owns 0.5% of all Deno modules)

  • Arianna Martinelli, 16, of Kentucky just won her state's top 2021 NCWIT award

  • Lux, 17, California, made their own modular synthesizer

  • Rishi, 16, Canada, rewrote Hack Club’s gp currency from the ground up, making it much more stable and easy to use. It’s called Hack Notes (HN) now:

  • Students keep building workshops for each other. Check these out:

    • Sam (15, Singapore) wrote an experimental “Hacking Kahoot” workshop:
    • Charalampos Fanoulis (15, Greece) and Panos (16, Greece) wrote a text adventure in Rust:
    • Jeffrey Harmon (17, Indianna) wrote a particle physics simulator workshop:

Hack Club engineer Matthew Stanciu, 18, regularly writes notes to Hack Club leaders around the world. Here's one reply he received recently from a Club leader in Brazil: “These messages from Hack Club HQ give me so much happiness and inspiration, like wtf. The workshop bounty program has helped my club get an income, work as a team creating workshops, be better in English, and learn a lot more JavaScript.” -- WollyZR

Thanks for reading. See you in the Spring! best, Christina and Zach

-- Christina Asquith COO and board member, Hack Club | Donate

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